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Did you know you can receive free Vegan food for your birthday from some of the major restaurants/food outlets just for being on their mailing list or a member? If you didn’t know then please read on and find out how you can get all these Vegan food items on your birthday:

Veggie Meals - Free Vegan Food For Your Birthday

(Update 26/5/2019 – added Lord of the Fries to the list)



Sign up to their Vip Club and close to your birthday you will receive an email containing a QR code. The voucher is valid for only 14 days.


Register on their Subway Eat Fresh Club and you’ll receive a free meal which includes a 6-inch subway and a 600 ml Coke drink or a bottle of water on your birthday.  There are a few options available as to which subway to order, Veggie Delight or Veggie Patty.

When you receive the email for the Club offer, you need to select the Subway location where you want to pick up the order and you have 12 hours to get it after activating the offer. You also need to make sure you bring an ID (drivers license).


You need to register as a Vibe Club member Once you register as a Vibe Club member you’ll receive a free Boost Juice which you can claim 2 days before or 2 days after your birthday. You will need to show your ID  (drivers license) and also show them a Vibe card or use the mobile app.

The options for a Vegan are:


  • Passion Punch – Passionfruit, Coconut Water, Mango, Banana, Ice & Kiwi Fruit
  • Pure Eden – All Greens Booster, Lemon, Spinach, Coconut Water, Grapes, Apple, Cucumber, Kale, Mint, Pineapple, Banana & Ice
  • Mango Magician – Coconut Water, Apple, Carrot, Pineapple, Orange, Mango, Banana & Ice
  • Caribbean Green – Passionfruit, Coconut Milk, Spinach, Coconut Water, Mango Nectar, Mango, Banana & Ice
  • Veggie Garden Blend – Spinach, Carrot, Chia, Celery, Cucumber, Orange & Ice
  • Grape Escape – Spinach, Coconut Water, Grapes, Pineapple, Banana & Ice

All Blended drinks except for Two & Five Blend (apparently has Vita Booster)

All Juiced drinks except for Two & Five Blend and Two & Five Juice (apparently has Vita Booster)

All Crushed drinks


Yes, San Churro actually has Vegan options! Firstly you need to sign up here to be part of the elSocial. You’ll then receive the Churros for Two offier which includes 6 Churros and 2 dip cups. The two Vegan dips available are the Dark Chocolate and Cookie Butter.

Veggie Meals - Free Vegan Food For Your Birthday San Churro


This is partially free. You need to pay an additional $2 to upgrade your order so you can get a Vegetarian Burger meal as the birthday offer only includes a Single Bondi meal. You need to become a member by registering here and closer to your birthday, you’ll receive an email with the instructions.

Veggie Meals - Free Vegan Food For Your Birthday


For those of you who are Vegetarian, you can also visit these restaurants/food outlets to receive some free food:


Register here for the Krispy Kreme newsletter and you’ll receive 6 Free Plain Donuts on your birthday after you sign up for their newsletter. You’ll receive an email before your birthday and you can go to any Krispy Kreme to claim the gift. You only have 3 days to claim the gift before it expires.


Register here or via their mobile app and receive a free muffin on your birthday. If you register for the first time you’ll also receive a free coffee. The offer must be claimed in the month of your birthday.

NOTE: It’s always best to register a few weeks or months before your birthday otherwise you will miss the offer and make sure you bring your ID (drivers license). Enjoy! If we missed out on any other restaurants or food outlets please let me know. If you want to add your business to the list with a birthday offer please contact us.

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