Vegan Heart Shaped Jelly – Green Tea Flavor

Preparation time
2 mins
Cooking time
10 mins
6 people
Meal course
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Vegan Heart Shaped Jelly – Green Tea Flavor

This is a perfect Valentine’s or Birthday Gift for your Vegan partner. It’s simple to make and it looks amazing.

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  1. You will need several heart shaped moulds. We purchased these from Ikea.
  2. You will need one packet of Green Tea Flavor Jelly Powder. There are other flavours like Lychee.
  3. Pour 600 ml of boiling water (about 90 degrees) into a saucepan and add a pack of Jelly powder (105g) and stir it until dissolve.
  4. Pour the mixture into moulds. For the large shaped heart, pour it in a bowl with the mould and make sure the jelly fills over the mould.
  5. Cool to room temperature and place in a refrigerator.