Vegan Crumbed Schnitzel Burger

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Preparation time
3 mins
Cooking time
4 mins
4 people
Meal course
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1 packet
Vegie Delight Vegan Crumbed Schnitzel Burger
2 small
1 handful
Leafy Mix
1 packet
White Lunchbox Bread Roll
Vegan Crumbed Schnitzel Burger

A healthy burger with Vegie Delight Vegan Crumbed Schnitzel, fresh tomatoes, leafy mix and bread.

All products purchased from Woolworths.

Vegan Crumbed Schnitzel Burger Tomatoes leafy mix From Woolworths



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  1. Slice the tomatoes
  2. Cut the bread in the middle
  3. Wash the Leafy Mix
  4. Defrost the Vegan Crumbed Schnitzel and then pan fry (add some oil) until golden brown on both sides
  5. Place the Vegan Crumbed Schnitzel in the middle of the bread and then add leafy mix and tomatoes

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