Avocado & Vegan bacon stack

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Preparation time
10 mins
Cooking time
2 mins
2 people
Meal course
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1 large
2 slice
Vegan bacon
2 large
Portobello mushroom
1 small
Truss tomatoes
2 medium
2 slice
6 medium
Kale leaves
2 large
Sprigs watercress
1 tsp
Pumpkin seed
1 tbsp
Vegan Hollandaise mayo
Avocado & Vegan bacon stack

Quick and easy Avocado & Vegan bacon stack

Veggie Meals - Avocado & vegan bacon stack recipe

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  1. Chargrill Portobello Mushroom, Truss Tomatoes, Vegan Bacon, Asparagus and Kale
  2. Scoop out the Avocado
  3. Toast the bread
  4. Stack all the ingredients on top of the toasted bread
  5. Spread vegan hollandaise sauce on top
  6. Top with Watercress and a drizzle of reduced balsamic vinaigrette
  7. Sprinkle pumpkin seeds ready to serve

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